How can I become an advocate?

We have resources for you to build your vaccine knowledge and advocate that people become vaccinated. Follow our three step training method and sign up for training via Zoom with the link below.

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How does training work?

Step 1

MI CEAL Training

 After MVA training registration, you will be sent MI CEAL Training, a 45-minute online module to be completed before attending a conference.






Step 2


Our conference is a two-hour commitment which encompasses two training segments.

Training 1 is a 45-minute large group video training where you will learn how to respond to common COVID-19 vaccine concerns and have the opportunity to practice as a group.

Training 2 is a small group training in which you will be put in various vaccine conversation scenarios and asked to respond individually.


Step 3


Upon completion of the previous two trainings, you will receive a quiz to test your understanding of the content. If you receive a score of at least 90%, you will be an official MVA Advocate!

You will then be equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to have meaningful vaccination conversations.



Register for our in-person training conference!


miRcore Vaccine Advocacy (MVA) is hosting an IN-PERSON event on the University of Michigan campus on May 14th, 2022! The guest speaker will be Abram Wagner, PhD, MPH, who will speak on the topic “Vaccines and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases.”

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Stay involved!

After completion of the program, you will be invited to (1) become a trainer yourself or (2) join a MVA program committee. You can also stay in the loop by continually reading MVA’s newsletter

Want to help promote our program?


Any and all donations are greatly appreciated by miRcore Vaccine Advocacy (MVA). We are a nonprofit with a mission to protect our community with advocacy.



Thank you for staying informed.


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