About Us

Our aim is to empower our community and bring resolution to the COVID-19 pandemic.





Our Goal


MVA, or the miRcore Vaccine Advocacy, aims to promote vaccine administration by addressing public concerns about the new COVID-19 vaccines. We provide tools, resources, and training to empower our student advocates. Working within their communities and networks to dispel misinformation, our advocates address reservations about vaccination by using scientific and empathetic approaches.

Who We Are


We are an extension of miRcore, a non-profit research organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We aim to bring young adults from high school to college together and advocate for medical & scientific research that can help people’s lives.



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Initiating informative, unbiased conversations within our communities on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines by addressing…

☑ Safety concerns

☑ Misinformation

☑ Disinformation

Personal Engagement


Talking within our personal networks and empathetically addressing the concerns and values of others with scientific facts from reputable sources


Email Blasts


Utilizing email newsletters to deliver unbiased, factual information regarding the spread of COVID-19 and vaccination options



Want to help promote our program?


Any and all donations are greatly appreciated by miRcore Vaccine Advocacy (MVA). We are a nonprofit with a mission to protect our community with advocacy.



Thank you for staying informed.


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