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Anonymous Advocate


“Being the child of a vaccine-hesitant parent, I’ve been responsible for fighting for my own well-being on numerous occasions. When I was old enough to get my HPV vaccine, for example, it was not until after I compiled dozens of reputable resources and actively sought out my physician’s advice that I was allowed to get vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine was no different. My mother was initially adamantly against the idea of me getting vaccinated, unearthing news article after article on side effects and immunizations gone wrong. I saw her get swamped in a tide pool of confirmation bias as she joined multiple social media groups who egged on her distrust in the vaccine. This dragged on for months as I saw my teachers, friends, and extended family get their shots. Defeated, I thought I would have to wait until I turned 18.

Luckily, I was able to benefit from the resources provided by MVAI to change my mother’s mind. I read articles and practiced empathy, making sure not to invalidate her views while I asserted mine. It also helped to have her talk to family friends who had already gotten vaccinated with no trouble. Slowly but surely, my mom began to see the truth and convenience in a COVID-19 vaccine. While she is still not 100% pro-vac, MVAI helped to ease her worries enough to foster faith in science–and give me a shot at a healthier future.”