Why should you get vaccinated?


We understand that you might have concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine for various reasons, which is natural. We would like to provide you with information that you can use to make an informed decision about your health.




We hear your concerns.


“I thought that COVID-19 vaccines have not been fully tested.”



The COVID-19 vaccines went through all clinical studies that other approved vaccines have. They were able to be approved quickly because some stages were held in parallel, not consecutively, due to the urgency of the pandemic.

“Do people who have already caught COVID-19 and recovered still need to be vaccinated?”



The duration and protection from natural immunity after COVID-19 infection varies, whereas the COVID-19 vaccines provide a reliable and robust immune response that offers a more full protection – especially against the current COVID-19 variants.


“I’m worried the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines alter your DNA.”



mRNA vaccines do not alter your DNA; after the mRNA teaches your body how to make the spike protein, the body destroys it.



Director of National Institutes of Health

Dr. Francis Collins

Hear from Dr. Francis Collins as he discusses the efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines in his keynote presentation at the GIDAS Research Conference. 



Thank you for staying informed.


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